What Do Contractors Really Do?

An Age Old Question By Homeowners – What Do Contractors Do?

What are construction contractors? Are they licensed? When you see the word ‘construction’ do you think of guys with heavy tools tearing down old buildings or guys who work on the Gulf of Mexico coast line making sure the oil rig is seaworthy? No, construction contractors are men and women who are hired by other people to build, repair, and maintain buildings, homes, and businesses. All contractors have a wide variety of specialties including plumbing, building construction, civil engineering, and electrical work.

What are the jobs of a general contractor? A contractor starts out by hiring subcontractors, getting them under contract so they can bid on the job, and then they assign jobs to the subcontractors. There are some construction companies that have large contracts with big remodeling projects and they have individual construction company divisions for everything from general contracting to specific building projects such as commercial construction and residential construction.

What kind of things do contractors do? They construct homes, businesses, parks, stadiums, warehouses, and other structures. Many times they will complete the entire project themselves and handle the hiring of sub-contractors. Most construction companies have their own construction personnel but some will hire independent contractors to perform some or all of their work. The contractor that works for the construction company will receive an estimate of the total cost of the job when the contract is awarded.

Why would anyone hire an independent contractor over a general contractor? Independent contractors can perform the same job as a general contractor but they are not obligated to work for the same company for the duration of the construction project. A general contractor will be an employer and will take on any work that is needed to get the project up and running. If something needs to be changed in the construction site, it may need to be changed before construction is started. It is better to have everything in place from the beginning instead of having to change the plans midway through the project.

What kinds of things are usually done by a construction project? Most construction projects will involve the digging of a foundation, building the walls, attaching the roof, and other major mechanical elements. There will also be woodwork involved such as cutting out holes for windows and doors, installing trim, painting, and other finishing elements. A general contractor is responsible for these tasks as well as any changes that are made to the property.

Do I have to have a general contractor license to work in my state? It depends on the state you live in. Each state has its own licensing requirements. In some cases, you may not need a general contractor license at all in order to legally perform construction work. If your state does not regulate the type of license you need to be able to legally perform construction work, you may want to check into the regulations for your specific industry and find out what those are before you begin work.

How much does it cost to become a general contractor? Contractors can start out by working in the industry as a handyperson or assistant. This allows them to learn the trade and gain experience while making a little money. Once they have enough experience, most states require them to get a general contractor license and then file it along with other necessary paperwork. At this point, they are considered professionals who are able to perform construction work.

Do I have to pay for my own safety equipment? A lot of contractors make sure they have adequate insurance and that they are properly trained to use it. They also must complete a training course provided by their local board. This will help ensure that their customers are protected while they are doing work on a residential or commercial property.